Earlier this week the Scottish Tories issued a press release calling the SNP the Scottish Neverendum Party. The SNP are, according to the Scottish Tories, going to “impose another vote on Scotland as soon as they believed it could be won.

Having been at SNP conference there were several MSPs and MPs saying something similar. Angus Robertson for one said that it would be foolish to call another referendum if the SNP did not think they could win. I agree with him – to call one now or in the near future would be foolish because if they lost, which is probable, then it is highly unlikely they’d get a third bite at the cherry from the electorate.

However, I can’t understand why the Scottish Tories continue to keep bringing up the prospect of another referendum.

At the moment, all polling ahead of May’s elections shows the SNP on for a thumping win. Now, things could change. There could be some pivotal moment or issue which halts SNP momentum in it’s tracks and makes it turn a sharp about face. But I’d bet all the money in my pocket that the prospect of another referendum isn’t it going to be that issue.

When choosing to vote SNP the prospect of another referendum is factored into to people’s thoughts. So why don’t the Scottish Tories major on the SNP’s impact on education, on health, on jobs, on the environment, on local government? Or why don’t they highlight the adoption by the SNP of George Osborne’s business rate policy?

Get people considering what the SNP have done with the power they have – and have had for eight years – rather than the prospect of another referendum.

At the moment the SNP have framed the political debate around “who stands for Scotland?” Difficult though it may be, Opposition parties in Scotland have to get voters asking themselves “who delivers for Scotland?