Words are difficult to come by after such a horrific attack like the one suffered in Paris. 

No words seem big enough to fully encapsulate the loss of so many people. No words can fully convey the rage felt by millions across the world who stand shoulder to shoulder with Parisians right now. And no words adequately sum up how powerless we feel in the face of such an atrocity. 

It is feeling so powerless that hurts most. The feeling that this attack could have happened in any major western city at any time. The all to eerie feeling that it is not over but just starting. And the feeling there’s nothing we can do to prevent it. 

But we must continue to live our lives in the only way we know how. Our inclusive, tolerant, open societies are the reason these terrorists attack us. 

We must not be cowed. We cannot retreat. We shall not be defeated. 

After the 2015 France has experienced, there has perhaps never been a more pertinent moment for us all to stand behind their national motto: Liberté, égalité, fraternité.