In the Autumn Statement, the Chancellor confirmed that the UK Government was working towards finalising City Deals deals for Tayside and Stirling in addition to making progress on an equivalent deal for Edinburgh.

These follow on the back of deals for Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness.
Surely a Union dividend that we can all celebrate no matter your political persuasion, right?

Glasgow’s deal will see eight councils benefit from £1bn in funding from the Scottish and UK governments aim for the creation of 29,000 jobs.

For Aberdeen,  both of Scotland’s governments will Commit £250m to support projects over the next ten years to support the energy industry.

Earlier this year the Inverness and Highland region deal was confirmed at a little over £300m.

Now, I know some will argue that it’s not a Union dividend if the Scottish government are chipping in to – sometimes with the bulk of the money. But does it really matter?

City deals are bespoke packages of funding and decision-making powers negotiated between central government, local authorities and other local bodies. More than this though, and somewhat cynical of us to suggest, they are politically savvy on the part of the UK government.